Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Big, Beautiful Home Available

Have you ever dreamed of owning one of those homes?  The one that your friends and family wish they had.  This one has it all!
  • Character throughout with a large dining room, wood floors, huge deck
  • Modern updates with a Chef worthy kitchen (3 Ovens!)
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
  • A garage that will fit 4 cars
  • A master suite that you just won't find in an older home
  • 2 laundry areas, one upstairs and one in the basement
If you want it, this home is still available in the heart of Bismarck.  Walking distance to downtown, schools and parks!

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Monday, November 9, 2015

I made Soap!

Fall is in the air, but the only evidence is bare trees.  It was well into the 60's on November 8, 2015!  If you are a born and raised in North Dakota this can be confusing.  This confusion can make you do crazy things.

I made homemade bar soap.

Thanks to a Facebook friend for inspiration of posting her own homemade bar soap and thanks to the Nerdy Farm Wife's website for the recipe,

I now have soap to last me until next year around this time.  I could even give away quite a few and still be clean.

It wasn't very difficult.  Way easier than the Christmas caramels that I make.  I would suggest giving it a shot.  This batch cost about $25 for the ingredients (Olive Oil and Lye).

Restlessness and craziness also told me to make the Julia Child beef roast, rosemary buns, banana bread, and take the bigger dog on a long walk.  My low carb diet did go out the window this weekend.  Sometimes good things happen if you just have a little ambition (and craziness).

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Treats that aren't just Candy

11 Candy Alternatives for Halloween

11 Candy Alternatives for Halloween
Sat, October 24, 2015
Perhaps you’re not feeling candy this year. Maybe you’ve experienced the wrath of an over-sugared six-year-old (or their parents). Maybe you can’t trust yourself to sit for hours by the front door with a massive quantity of chocolate without eating most of it yourself. Or maybe you’re a dentist. Don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can give trick-or-treaters instead of the sweet stuff. Here are a few:
1. Glow sticks
Could there be a more perfect accessory for Halloween? Kids can light them up with a snap and wear them as bracelets, necklaces and crowns. Bonus: they make it easier for parents to keep their eyes on their kiddos.
2. Stickers
Choose from the assortment of ghosts, witches and pumpkins available in stores in October or go with stickers with year-round appeal, like super heroes and animals.
3. Bubbles
Hours – or at least a few minutes – of bubble-blowing entertainment in every little bottle.
4. Plastic spider rings
The creepy-crawly bling kids love to wear.
5. Crazy straws
Halloween-themed straws can easily be found in dollar stores.
6. Fake fangs
These could also add a point of interest to your annual holiday photo card, if you’re so inclined.
7. Temporary tattoos
What kid doesn’t want a cool spiderweb on their bicep?
8. Slime
What exactly is the ooey-gooey stuff in the little cans? It remains a mystery, but kids definitely love to squish this classic toy.
9. Plastic jewelry
Sparkly rings, bracelets, necklaces and cheap tiaras are not only fun for kids to wear, but you can dress like a pirate as you hand out your glittering treasures.
10. Bouncy Balls
Beloved especially by kids who live in homes with hardwood floors.
11. Kazoos
Parents may hate you, but kids can lead their own parades as they head to the next house.
Looking for a home in a trick-or-treater-friendly neighborhood? A buyer’s agent can help identify which ‘hoods are happy for Halloween and other kid-friendly occasions. Find one
Courtesy of the RE/MAX Housing Blog 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A home you WANT!

615 N 1st St., Bismarck, ND 

Haven't you daydreamed about owning that house that everyone loves?  How would it feel to entertain in a beautifully done kitchen and relax in a spacious Master Suite at the end of the day?  You can have all of those modern features in a home built in 1921.  This home at 615 N 1st St. sits on the outskirts of the Bismarck Cathedral District and is ready for a new owner to care for it.

Gorgeous home with many luxurious updates throughout. The home is quite spacious inside and the many newer windows keep the home bright. The kitchen is a Chef's delight with 3 ovens and a gas stove top. The counter tops are granite and the island has a prep sink. Through out the home you will find well cared for hardwood floors. Upstairs, there is a laundry area between the master and the upper bedrooms. The Master Suite is large with generous walk in closet. The Master Suite Bathroom has a whirlpool tub and a separate tiled shower. Downstairs are additional bedrooms, a cozy family room, and another laundry area. Outside, the back deck and patio is great for entertaining or just relaxing. This home has been beautifully updated and care for. No detail has been missed! Call a REALTOR for a showing today!

Call your favorite REALTOR for a showing today!  
Go to this link for more information: 615 N 1st St, Bismarck, ND

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Friday, August 21, 2015

RE/MAX Staging Tips

8 Tips for Staging Your Home Yourself
8 Tips for Staging Your Home Yourself
Wed, August 19, 2015
When selling your home, it’s important to set the right “stage” for potential buyers. If hiring a professional isn’t in the budget, here are some tips on how to prep your home for the market:
1. Declutter
You want buyers to focus on things like your home’s lovely wood floors, not your commemorative spoon collection. Box it, sell it or gift it. Clear counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom and minimize the amount of items displayed on shelves.
2. Clear out the closet
For some buyers, closet space can make or break a sale. The fewer items left behind the larger the closet will appear.
3. Pack away the personal
Store family photos, kids’ art projects and anything else that may distract buyers from envisioning themselves living in your home.
4. Scrub and scrub again
Clean everything, from tile grout to windowpanes. You want the home to sparkle and shine when the spotlight’s on. If you lack time or skills, it’s worth it to hire pros.
5. Scrub and scrub again – outside
Don’t forget your home’s exterior. After all, your porch will make the first impression on buyers. A few hours with a pressure washer, easily rented from a home improvement store, can make a world of difference.
6. Freshen up the paint job
A fresh, neutral coat of paint is a relatively inexpensive way to kick up your home’s allure.
7. Focus on lighting
A well-lit room not only feels bigger, it helps people to feel more energized and improves their mood. Don’t forget to replace light bulbs and add lamps in rooms with limited natural lighting.
8. Take a deep breath
If you inhale anything other than clean, fresh air, deodorize before showings with a mildly scented diffuser or candle.
Make sure you’ll have a steady stream of prospective buyers to appreciate your home – and all your hard prep work. You can call me for advice or a market analysis at 701-240-6416.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Military Residential Specialist (MilRES)

RE/MAX Capital
Bismarck, ND

I, Beth Posey, of RE/MAX Capital in Bismarck, ND recently completed a specialized education opportunity offered to the real estate industry.  The Military Residential Specialist (MilRES) certification class is offered to REALTORS interested in better serving veterans, active duty personnel and reservists. 

Presented by nationally known REALTOR and educator, Buddy West, this class brought together forward thinking real estate professionals from around the United States to learn how to better serve their military clients.  

The benefits and regulations presented in this class are complex, often misunderstood and sometimes avoided.  This class provided the participants with the requisite knowledge to specialize in real estate services to our veteran and active duty personnel.  

The class provided the most currently information and sources available.  In addition, these REALTORS continue to build a national referral network of Military Residential Specialist for clients considering a move or planning to buy an investment property.  

These military heroes and their families deserve the best of car; now Beth can provide it.  For more information on the specialized services I can provide, contact me at 701-240-6416, or drop by the office, RE/MAX Capitol, 1501 Mapleton Ave, Ste 3, Bismarck, ND 58503.