Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ready, Set, BUY

The market is heating up fast.  I am hearing stories of offers, counter offers, counter offers to the counter offers!  Oh my, it's the time to be prequalified from a local lender!  Don't be scared to get prequalified with a lender.  It only makes you a stronger buyer and ready when the right house becomes available for you to purchase. 
  1. Get prequalifed with a lender.
  2. Bring that letter to me or your favorite REALTOR (also me).
  3. I will set you up on an online home search that includes homes that meet your criteria.
  4. We check out those homes that you like.
  5. I will help you write up the strong offer that the seller is looking for.
  6. Offer Acceptance if it was the best offer.
It's really an easy process if you have the right team.  That team includes YOU, lender, and your REALTOR (me).  Let's GO!

-Beth Posey, REALTOR(R)
Keller Williams Roers Realty
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(o) 701-223-2120